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When it comes to dog training, there are many different approaches. To name a few, there are Dominance/ Alpha Theory, Science-Based / Positive Reinforcement, and Balanced training. When choosing a dog trainer, dog daycare,  boarding facility, or even pet sitter it is important to take into consideration the training methodologies that will be utilized. 

Dominance Theory

Dominance, or "Alpha Theory" dog training is the oldest training methodology as it predates modern science-based methods of training. Sometimes referred to as "traditional dog training", Dominance training is largely based on outdated studies of wolf-pack behavior and hierarchies. This approach to dog training stems from the belief that dogs behave in ways that would prove their rank or "dominance" over one another. Trainers who use this approach aim to position dog owners as the "Alpha" by using tactics that assert dominance over their dogs - dogs aren't allowed on the bed, humans must eat before dogs are fed, humans must enter spaces before dogs, etc.. Dominance Theory dog training focuses on doing this and on correcting behaviors through the use of aversive tools and methods such as choke chains, shock collars, leash popping, and more. 

Dominance-style training used to be very common but has drastically declined as research has debunked the validity of the original studies that it is based on. This training method has been known to often cause increased anxiety, stress, and fear through the use of pain and intimidation. 

Scientific Approach & Positive Reinforcement 

Science-based and positive reinforcement dog training take into consideration that dogs are sentient beings and are capable of problem solving and are emotionally intelligent. Methods used with this approach are both backed by scientific research and focus on strengthening the human-animal bond. Trainers who use this approach reward behaviors that they want to see and work to reduce unwanted behaviors through withholding rewards. These trainers often use "management" techniques that help prevent dogs from rehearsing unwanted behaviors while dogs are still learning. 

Science-based and positive reinforcement dog training are favored among dog owners whose dogs are working to overcome fear, anxiety, stress, and lack of confidence. 

Balanced Training 

Balanced dog trainers are somewhere in the middle and pull methods from both positive reinforcement and dominance training. This means that the balanced trainer might use food rewards and leash pops during the same training session. It's also possible that they may use positive reinforcement with one dog and dominance training with the next. 

Choosing the Right Dog Training and Dog Daycare

At Biscuits Doggie Daycare and Pet Resort, only science-based and positive reinforcement dog training methods are utilized. This ensures that your dog is given the attention necessary to effectively communicate positive behaviors and to help overcome fear, anxiety, and a lack of confidence. The Biscuits Doggie Daycare and Pet Resort team exercise immense patience and compassion for each dog and work hard to develop positive relationships with them. 

Visit or call Biscuits Doggie Daycare and Pet Resort to schedule a meet and greet, a behavior consultation, or to determine if day training or private lessons are right for you and your dog. 

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