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Meet & Greet

To ensure the safety of everyone and to ensure compatibility with the Biscuits Doggie Daycare pack, all dogs must attend a meet and greet prior to attending daycare, whether your dog is a new guest or hasn’t visited us within the past six months. A meet and greet is an initial assessment of your dog’s individual play style and suitability for group play. Participating in a meet and greet is required prior to joining the daycare program or staying with us for boarding to ensure that our environment is well-suited for your furry family member. Our meet and greet is $30 per assessment.

Daycare is available only for well-socialized dogs that play well with others, and they are separated by size and play style to promote healthy play. After the initial meet and greet, we will schedule your pup’s first day/stay with us! Contact us to set up a meet and greet.

Meet & Greet Schedule

Meet and greets are conducted between 11am and 2pm (Mon-Fri) and will last roughly 20-30 minutes. During the assessment, our primary goal is to determine if there are any behavioral issues that would prevent your pup from thriving and participating in our Daycare Elite program or staying the night with us.

The Best Care for Your Best Friend
The facility takes great care of the dogs and I never have to worry about my fur baby when I leave him for the day.
— Wendy V.
Pierce County’s Destination for Dogs
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