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Meet Our Team

The Biscuits team is made up of hard-working individuals who are passionate about animal care. All Biscuits team members are well-versed in canine behavior and body language so they can keep our beloved pups safe, healthy, and happy. All team members also receive pet first aid & CPR training, rigorous hands-on training, and have access to many ongoing education opportunities. Meet the team that will take good care of your furry family members!

Nichole, CPACO, CCS, PTI #2141

Born and raised in Lakewood, Washington, Nichole graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Being well-educated in everything "dog" is very important to Nichole - she attended the Northwest School of Canine Studies, was certified in canine studies in May of 2016, and became a Pet Tech Pet First Aid and CPR Instructor the same year. Since then, Nichole has attended many seminars, taken multiple dog behavior courses, and has become the first person certified through the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC) to operate a pet care facility in Washington State. Nichole is:

  • The only person in the state certified to own and operate a pet care facility (Official certification is “Certified Professional Animal Care Operator” or CPACO via the professional animal care certification council – PACCC)
  • Certified in Canine Studies (CCS) via the Northwest School of Canine Studies
  • A certified Canine Pet Care Provider & Specialist via the International
    Boarding and Pet Services Association (IBPSA)
  • A Pet Tech pet first aid & CPR instructor through Pettech (Instructor #2141)
  • A certified Fear Free pet care professional


Born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, Mindy graduated from Wilson High School. Mindy started working with dogs as a dog walker and sought a position that allowed her to spend more time with her four-legged friends. Mindy is now a manager here at Biscuits and a certified dog trainer through the CATCH Canine Trainers Academy. Mindy's love of dogs, passion for learning, and vast knowledge in all things canine keep our Biscuits pups safe, healthy, happy, and mentally stimulated! Mindy:

  • Is a certified dog trainer via CATCH Canine Trainers Academy
  • Completed The Dog Gurus Knowing Dogs 101 & 201 courses
  • Is trained and current in pet first aid & CPR via Pettech
  • Completed the IBPSA Premium Pet Care Education program
  • Is a certified Fear Free pet care professional

Mindy has read countless books about dog training, canine body language, and canine behavior. She also furthers her education any way she can via conferences, research, and more.


Born and raised in Lakewood, Washington, James enjoys working with his hands. His artistry encompasses stained glass, woods, and metals. James is a certified Diagnostic Health & Fitness Technician. He is the maintenance coordinator for Biscuits. James has:

  • Attended multiple Barkleigh and IBPSA conferences
  • Completed multiple FetchFind training courses


Aaron has been with Biscuits since 2019! He truly has a passion for dogs and for providing exceptional pet care. Aaron has quite a bit of training under his belt. He has completed Fetchfind courses, is trained and current in Pet First Aid & CPR, has gone through Dog Gurus programs, and is currently enrolled in CATCH Canine Trainers Academy! Aaron is also a Fear Free certified pet care professional.


Brittany has been on the Biscuits Team since 2021! She is a fabulous member of the Biscuits Team and just LOVES dogs! Brittany has completed Fetchfind courses, Pet First Aid & CPR training, and is a Fear Free certified pet care professional.


Dani has been a Biscuits team member since 2021! This is her first time working professionally with dogs and has been doing such wonderful job! She is eager to learn and loves hanging out with her four-legged friends. Dani is trained and current in Pet First Aid & CPR, has completed Fetchfind courses, and is Fear Free certified!


Elena has been with us since 2019! She actually became our assistant manager in of June 2022. We are just so proud to have her on the Biscuits Team! Elena is a hard worker, great manager, and very caring individual. Elena is Fear Free certified, is trained and current in Pet First Aid & CPR, has completed Fetchfind training courses, and has completed Knowing Dogs 101 and 201 by the Dog Gurus!


Josh joined our Team in February of 2022! After being trained in our daycare and boarding areas, he became a vital member of our Front Desk Team. He has awesome Excel and organizational skills and helps to keep everything in order. When you drop off for daycare in the morning, you are very likely to be greeted by Josh! Josh has also completed Fetchfind courses and is trained and current in Pet First Aid & CPR.

Continued Education

At Biscuits, we are always learning new pet care standards and safety procedures.

Continuing education offered to the team:

  • Pet First Aid & CPR Classes
  • Fear Free certifications
  • The Dog Gurus Knowing Dogs 101 & 201
  • The Dog Gurus Off-Leash Dog Play: A Complete Guide to Safety & Fun
  • IBPSA Premium Pet Care Education
  • PACCC Certifications
  • FetchFind Training
  • And More!
The Best Care for Your Best Friend
I highly recommend Biscuits as a wonderful place to take your "kids"!
— Kathi H.
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