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What is C.I.R.D.C.? C.I.R.D.C. stands for Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex and is an umbrella term for several upper respiratory illnesses in dogs. It is commonly referred to as “canine cough” or “kennel cough” although the term “kennel cough” can be misleading, as it suggests that dogs can only contract C.I.R.D.C. in a kennel environment.…

Dogs mainly use body language to communicate their thoughts and feelings. Dogs use “calming signals” (also referred to as “stress signals” or “displacement behaviors”) to calm themselves, others, and help diffuse situations. Many of these signals naturally go unnoticed as most people don’t know how to identify and interpret them. With a little bit of help…

The Best Care for Your Best Friend
The facility takes great care of the dogs and I never have to worry about my fur baby when I leave him for the day.
— Wendy V.
Pierce County’s Destination for Dogs
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