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Taking a vacation can be very hard when you can’t take your best friend with you. At Biscuits, we know how much your dog means to you. That’s why we treat every guest like family. Our clients throughout Tacoma, WA, can rest assured knowing that our team will take good care of their dogs while they are away. We offer three overnight boarding packages, with options to add on grooming and training. If available, you may also reserve our Daycare Elite program, which includes smaller playgroups, activities, and monthly themed parties! Contact us to set up a meet and greet or make a boarding reservation through our client portal below.

To ensure the safety of everyone and to ensure compatibility with the Biscuits Doggie Daycare pack, all dogs must attend a meet and greet prior to attending daycare, whether your dog is a new guest or hasn’t visited us within the past six months. Click here to learn more about our meet and greets.

Pick-up & Drop-off

You may pick up and drop off your pup at the following times:

  • Monday - Friday: 6am - 7pm*
  • Saturdays: 8am - 10am & 6pm - 8pm* only
  • We ask that you please wait until 8am on weekdays for pick-up
  • No Sunday pick-up options are available

*All pick-ups past 12pm will result in a late pick-up fee of $37.50 unless your dog is signed up for Daycare Elite or a bath on pick up day

Packages & Rates

The Bronze Squeaker

Our Bronze Squeaker package is $75 per night, per dog and includes daily playtime with friends, a daily probiotic supplement, a personal bedroom, access to blankets & cots, regular TLC from our boarding-specific caretakers, medication administration (oral & topical only, please), and daily meal service (house food is an additional $2 per meal)!

The Silver Tennis Ball

Our Silver Tennis Ball package is $85 per night, per dog and includes all Bronze Squeaker amenities, a daily dental chew, a daily texted “Pupdate” with a picture, and a daily Brain Game best suited for your dog!

*Brain Games are chosen by the Biscuits team to ensure safety and fun*

The Golden Bone

Our Golden Bone package is $105 per night, per dog and includes all Bronze Squeaker amenities, all Silver Tennis Ball amenities, and 30 minutes of daily solo time with a pet care tech!

*Solo activities are chosen by the Biscuits team to ensure safety and fun*

We also offer other customizable options for your dog’s stay with us:

  • 30-minute training session - $25
  • Frozen Stuffed Kong - peanut butter, pumpkin, and yogurt options available for just $5
  • Puppachino - whipped cream treat for $5
  • Daycare Elite (if available) - additional $35 on top of boarding rate
  • Daily "Pupdates" - a texted update with a photo for $10 daily
  • Brain Games - food puzzle games ($6), treat dispensing toys ($8), and snuffle mats ($6)

The Best Care for Your Best Friend
The facility takes great care of the dogs and I never have to worry about my fur baby when I leave him for the day.
— Wendy V.
Pierce County’s Destination for Dogs
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