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What is Barrier Frustration?

The term "barrier frustration" refers to the excitement, agitation, and anxiety a dog experiences when prevented from reaching something that they desire. This could be a toy, treat, another dog, or a person. The "barrier" is whatever is holding the dog back from the thing they want to get to. Common barriers can include fencing, gates, doors, and even leashes. As the frustration builds, outbursts can occur that result in unwanted behaviors such as excessive barking and even lunging. Other behavioral symptoms caused by barrier frustration may include panting, pacing, and even shaking - all of which have a negative impact on a dog's overall health. 

Causes of Barrier Frustration

A common cause of barrier frustration can stem from a lack of socialization. Many dogs who don't get enough socialization through enriching and engaging activities or playtime become restless, which will result in a build up of anxiety and unwanted behaviors. A lack of physical and emotional stimulation is one of the leading causes of barrier frustration. Another cause of barrier frustration is an inconsistent daily routine or lack thereof. 

There are several strategies that can help with managing your dog's barrier frustration. The first is to provide your dog with opportunities to satisfy their physical, emotional, and mental needs through the implementation of enrichment. Enrichment activities allow your dog to engage in their innate and natural behaviors like chewing, sniffing, and digging in a controlled setting.  A second strategy is to provide your dog with positive socialization opportunities. This can be done by going on supervised group walks or signing up your dog for doggie daycare (if they will enjoy themselves). A good way to prevent your dog from rehearsing barrier frustration is to create a visual barrier that 100% blocks their vision from the thing they want to get to. 

Biscuits Doggie Daycare and Pet Resort

At Biscuits Doggie Daycare and Pet Resort, a force free dog training methodology is utilized to help manage and prevent issues such as barrier frustration. If your dog is experiencing barrier frustration then schedule a behavior consultation with one of our certified dog trainers. The trainers at Biscuits can help you come up with strategies to reduce barrier frustration at home and help you implement enrichment activities that will lower overall anxiety. To prevent unwanted behaviors early on, consider signing your puppy up for puppy preschool and puppy kindergarten classes. Puppy training classes are essential in your dog's early stage development as these classes introduce them to new sights, sounds, handling, and play. Puppy classes also help teach basics such as sit, stay, down, and leave it. Visit Biscuits Doggie Daycare and Pet Resort today to see what options are best for you and your dog!

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