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Walking, running, and playing are natural physical exercises essential to a dog's health and happiness. However, enrichment for dogs is crucial for satisfying mental and emotional needs as well. Enrichment activities simultaneously prevent many unwanted behaviors that may be caused by boredom and anxiety. Much like us, your dog too needs mental stimulation through enrichment for dogs. 

What is Enrichment for Dogs?

What is Enrichment for Dogs?

Typically, when you become bored you entertain yourself with a task or activity to rid yourself of that boredom - and dogs do this too! Without incorporating structured enrichment activities, dogs are left to their own devices and may engage in unwanted behaviors to curb their boredom (like destroying non-toy items or furniture). Just like us, your dog needs a mental challenge to exercise their mind. Enrichment activities allow your dog to engage in their innate and natural behaviors such as chasing, sniffing, chewing, and scavenging. Many of these behaviors provide mental stimulation that is often not met during daily routine activities among domesticated pets. Allowing your dog to engage in these behaviors within a safe environment prevents many unwanted behaviors by providing an outlet for exercise and entertaining their emotional and mental stimulation. 

A balance of physical activity and mental stimulation through enrichment activities is essential for a dog's health. Enrichment activities for dogs maintain vitality, keeping them healthy and happy throughout the duration of their lives. Enrichment activities even help to fight the cognitive decline that comes with aging. Keep your dog alert and mentally sharp well into their senior years by engaging in a variety of enrichment activities for dogs!

Enrichment for Dogs

DIY Dog Enrichment 

There are several enrichment activities that can be done easily from the comfort of your own home. Some of these include purchasing a snuffle mat. Snuffle mats are strips of fabric attached to a flat mat that create creases and folds to hide treats or kibble. This provides your dog with mental stimulation while searching, or "scavenging", for food. You can also use rolled up towels, paper towel rolls, and your backyard to hide treats and to help satisfy your dog's drive to scavenge. Of course, there are a wide variety of enriching food puzzles available for purchase online. Believe it or not, pinatas filled with a decent amount of kibble make for a great DIY enrichment activity as well! 

Nutritional Enrichment for Dogs

Scent games are also a fun do-it-yourself enrichment activity that can be done from home or while out on walks with your dog. It's as simple as providing your dog with an activity to sniff out a high value treat. Sniffing is stimulating and allows your dog to become better aware of and comfortable within their environment. 

Dog Enrichment Daycare Services

Enrichment activities for dogs can be summarized into five different categories: Social, Nutritional, Occupational, Sensory and Physical. These enrichment categories are met through various activities through daycare services such as at Biscuits Doggie Daycare and Pet Resort. Biscuits Doggie Daycare and Pet Resort provides a qualified team of pet care professionals and dog trainers who work hard to provide your dog with essential enrichment activities. 

Occupational and Sensory Enrichment for Dogs

Enrichment daycare services include social and physical stimulation through supervised playdates and small playgroups as well as doggie approved nutritional stimulation. Occupational and sensory stimulation is also practiced through nose work activities, agility fun, trick training, and much more! Monthly themed parties are also provided at Biscuits Doggie Daycare and Pet Resort and include Harry Potter, Star Wars, Olympic Games, and Holiday themes! 

Schedule a meet and greet at Biscuits Doggie Daycare and Pet Resort and learn much more about enrichment services for your dog! 

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