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Boredom and excess energy are two common reasons for behavior issues in dogs. All though physical exercise is most considered when taking your pup to daycare, having a balanced day of physical, mental, and emotional stimulation (and fun too) can be more beneficial for their wellbeing.

Mental stimulation is tiring for your dog and builds up their confidence. Introducing interactive toys, games, and teaching tricks are a few things we have incorporated into our daycare and boarding program. And having it in conjunction with physical activities such as small group play along with needed rest time, your pup will receive the perfect balance at our facility.

This will help keep your dog from getting overly tired which can cause them to be more grumpy.

Our Elite program will provide a safe and fun atmosphere to bring your pup for daycare or boarding. Kisses and Hugs come at no extra cost 😉

We are centrally located near University Place, Tacoma, and Gig Harbor with easy freeway access. Come visit our daycare and boarding facility.

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