Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I bring my dogs toys from home?
At Biscuits, we provide select toys for the dogs to play with that are sanitized daily. Bringing your dogs own toys could promote resource guarding/possessive behaviors that can cause aggression. Also, other dogs may destroy personal toys. For these reasons, we do not allow personal toys from home.
2Can I bring my dogs own food?
We do provide a house food for dogs, but we encourage owners to bring their own food if they decide they want us to feed their dog breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Switching foods suddenly can cause dogs to have an upset stomach. We also encourage owners to provide treats for quiet time. If you decide to bring food from home, please bring it in a re-sealable bag with their name, food instructions, and scoop.
3What does an average day of daycare look like?
Throughout the day, dogs are free to play inside and outside with both two and four-legged friends. Daycare dogs will be supervised by Biscuits staff members at all times to ensure the safety of the pack. Meals, snacks, naps, and enrichment activities are provided throughout the day depending on both the group dynamic and needs of the individual dogs.
4Why is my dog taking a nap during the day?
Just like people, dogs tend get tired and grumpy after several hours of playtime/social interaction. Veterinarians are recommending that dogs take at least one nap per day. This allows the dogs to calm down and feel refreshed, which makes for a happier, friendlier dog! Naps are also required after meal/snack times in order to help prevent bloat.
5Where is my dog kept during the day?
Daycare dogs are separated by size and play style. All dogs attending Biscuits Doggie Daycare are friendly, but creating successful playgroups leads to happier pups! During naptime, dogs may either be read a story lying with staff members or be kept quietly their bedrooms if they are more comfortable. At all other times, dogs are either playing inside or outside with one another and staff members.
6What requirements must my dog meet to attend daycare?
  • Dogs must be spayed/neutered at 6 months and older
  • Dogs must receive regular rabies, bordetella, and DHHP vaccinations
  • Puppies should be at least 14 weeks old (exceptions may be made) and cleared by their vet before attending daycare
  • Dogs must be flea, tick, and parasite free with proof of a negative fecal done within the last year
  • Dogs must be friendly towards all other dogs and humans and not have a history of aggressive behavior
  • Nails should be trimmed to help prevent injury of playmates and reduce joint stress
  • 7What do I need to do before my dog can attend daycare?
    Before your dog can attend daycare, please call us at (253)447-0729 so we can set up an account for you and your dog. We require verification of your dog’s updated vaccination records. Staff members can contact your vet if you are unable to retrieve a paper copy. Dogs must also be scheduled to come in for a two-hour meet and greet before attending daycare regularly in order to ensure the safety of our pack. During this time, we will slowly introduce your dog to our other daycare dogs in order to observe your dogs behaviors and play style. There is no application fee or trial fee.
    8What can I use my daycare package for?
    Once your dog attends their meet and greet and is approved for daycare, you have the option of either paying as you go, or purchasing a number of Full Days up front. We offer three different packages if you decide to pay up front – 5 Day Daycare Package, 10 Day Daycare Package, and 20 Day Daycare Package. These packages can only be used to pay for Full Days of daycare and no other services. Overnight care, bathing options, and half days must be paid for separately.
    9Why should I take my dog to Biscuits?
    Here at Biscuits, we strive to provide you and your dog with the best service possible. The safety and well-being of your dog is always our top priority. All Biscuits staff members are trained and current in pet first aid and CPR. The manager here is a pet first aid and CPR instructor, certified through Pet Tech. The manager is also certified in Canine Studies through the Northwest School of Canine Studies, which means staff members are also well-versed in canine behavior and body language. This knowledge and our continuing education ensures that we have the ability keep your dog happy, safe, and comfortable!