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    Biscuits Doggie Daycare

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    Biscuits Doggie Daycare Location: 6802 6th Ave Tacoma, WA 98406 Phone: +12534470729
  • Karla W.

    Karla W.

    Biscuits doggie daycare is our dog's second favorite place to be. She is always so excited when we pull into their parking lot and almost pulls me into the building. She loves the attention and love she gets from the Biscuits crew. I'm happy she has found so many new (dog & human) friends.
  • Mercedes C.

    Mercedes C.

    Absolutely in awe. This is the cleanest dog daycare facility I've ever seen. They're super knowledgeable and friendly as soon as you walk in. There's a complimentary meet and greet for your pup before their first visit to help them get comfortable. I absolutely will not take my pup anywhere else from now on. So happy to have found biscuits.
  • Rachel R.

    Rachel R.

    If you love your dog, take him here.
    1. They love your pup almost as much as you do. The staff will express joy when you bring him in and remember his name.
    2. What does your dog need? They will help. Tell them what you're working on. I noticed a big difference in our pup's jumping and waiting after only one session of structured daycare at Biscuits.
    3. More expensive than the rest, because they deliver. You will not wonder if your dog is in good hands. The cleanliness of the dog play areas and the professionalism of the staff is impressive, and incomparable to other daycares that charge $30-$35 a day.

    We have taken our puppy here for several months, on the advice of our personal trainer. After trying another (cheaper) daycare, we discovered they were unprofessional and their facility was not as clean or organized. Even our dog was less excited upon arriving. We love our pup, and he's worth good care. Spend the extra money and make it work for your budget. You won't regret it.
  • Anita L.

    Anita L.

    For all you Doggy Parents out there, this doggy daycare is the best in Tacoma. I recently moved 30 minutes away, and not once did we think of changing our pup's daycare. Call ahead and schedule an appointment if you're thinking of dropping off your pup for the first time. The process is smooth and easy. They will check to see if your beloved pooch gets along with the other pups in daycare. Which is important, I was worried that Kida would be scared but she wasn't. They give you updates and pictures of how much fun your dog is doing. The prices are decent, 20 something visits ( all day) for 500 bucks. I've used their grooming services, and there is never a complaint. My dog is always so happy and exhausted after a day of fun. Boarding overnight is always a plus as well!
  • Sophie T.

    Sophie T.

    Could not be happier with the doggie daycare than I am with biscuits. Nicole Jessie and James are always smiling and happy and loving towards my two dogs.  
    My boys were at another daycare downtown while I was working however circumstances brought about a change. I was very hesitant to leave them somewhere where I didn't know the people. Both the dogs had the two hour meet and greet and they couldn't have been happier. My chocolate lab is older and had been going to the previous daycare his entire life. He was treated kindly and his trepidation ceased after the first day.
    Is daycare is cleaner than clean excellent care and they truly care about the dogs.
  • Kaitlyn C.

    Kaitlyn C.

    I never write reviews but I just have to on this place!! They are amazing. Our dog Toby has the best time playing with all the dogs. They send cute videos and answer all questions needed. Toby has three legs and we were worried about him going to daycare, and they have been the most accommodating and watch out for him :). Toby the tripawd (and us) love this place.
  • Bekki F.

    Bekki F.

    I was referred here by my physician he takes his dogs every day I travel often I have four dogs two of them are not old enough to go yet but the other two have been there several times the staff is outstanding always kind, always friendly, never an attitude or a grumpiness they truly care about me, my dogs, my needs, my fears my questions they even send me pictures throughout my trip to update me on how they're doing they also do grooming so you can drop your dog off for the day I can't believe the incredibly low prices they charge for boarding daycare grooming you name it they fulfill all of your pet needs so if you're going on a trip or your dog just spends too much time alone at home give them a call they would genuinely love to hear from you
  • Ray L.

    Ray L.

    We are one happy Pup family. Our puppy has been coming here since she was a wee little one and really enjoys this daycare. When we turn the corner and she sees it's Biscuits, she can't wait to get out and go play. Our puppy has participated in daycare, boarding and the extra playtime. The staff is caring and answers any and all the questions we have/had. You can't beat the facility. Super clean and the nicest facility we've seen. I can't wait until we are able to check-in with our pups via video. That will just make this place even better. The only thing I wish is that there was quarter day pass. 3 hours for around $12 bucks. Couldn't be happier with this location, the staff and the facility.
  • Amy B.

    Amy B.

    I love this place.  My dog loves this place.  My dog does not want to leave when we go to pick her up.  I appreciate how organized they are and how they seem to care about the dogs and they have a lot of fun with them.  Other places I visited, the staff looked incredibly bored or annoyed and there just was not a good vibe.  Biscuits has a great vibe.  I also appreciate the fact that they allow the dogs to rest in private suites from time to time so they don't get overstimulated, which can lead to more restless behavior I have found.  They give them just the right amount of activity and rest.  Other places often do not.  Other places will often keep them in a big room all day and night without any time to rest on their own for periods.  My dog needs activity but also rest time alone too.  

    The only drawback to this place, for me, is that they allow pit bulls.  Having been attacked myself and also witnessed other dog attacks by pit bulls, this is not something I am thrilled about.  But when I asked the staff about this, they assured me that every dog is fully vetted and no aggressive dogs are allowed in.  So I just have to trust them on that.  And I do.  So far so good.  And they are the experts on dog behavior and I am not.  And I realize my prejudices are due to past experiences and not everyone has had those experiences.  One other minor negative is that they are not good at responding to emails on time.  I know they are super busy and I know they just hired six more staff members due to their growth, so hopefully, that will get better too.  They are still a 5-star place in my book.  The best part is, my dog's behavior has gotten better since she has been there. I know they work on some training which is a huge plus.
  • Rich K.

    Rich K.

    All we can say is that our dog, Bruno, loves going to Biscuits. It is about the only thing he loves more than chasing rabbits and squirrels. Whenever we take him, he literally jumps out of the car and runs inside. The folks who run Biscuits, as well as all the staff, are great. Most of the time we drop him off for half days...which is a 6 hour period. He plays so hard that he needs a long nap when we get home. The cost is very reasonable. There is absolutely nothing about Biscuits that has been problematic. If you have a dog and you need to leave it to go to work or go to an appointment, you should consider Biscuits. It will be a win-win for you and your dog.
  • Andrea B.

    Andrea B.

    Our Bella loved being here! She made so many new friends while we were on vacation and we loved the "Pupdates" everyday!
  • Brooke P.

    Brooke P.

    My little rascal loves Biscuits, both the old place and the new place! The location is very convenient and they do half days which is awesome. I have a 7yr old min pin rescue who can be temperamental at times, but she absolutely loves this place, the people, and the other dogs. She loves going and is always exhausted and content when I pick her up (a few times a week). I plan on keeping this place as our "go-to" doggie daycare!
  • Whitley F.

    Whitley F.

    I took my dog to Biscuits for the first time on Monday for a "Meet & Greet". The facility looks clean and very open spaced which I think is great for playing doggos. The staff were helpful and friendly and answered any questions I had.  

    The only thing I wish were better is the intro. I would've liked to see where he would be playing, going outside and what the kennels look like.

    I also think my guy would need more rest time than typical, he came home absolutely exhausted after only 4 hours.
  • Rob C.

    Rob C.

    We are giving three stars because we have family who goes here and they love it. Our experience was a little strange, and the only reason we are sharing is because when we look for daycares for our pup, we like to know as much information as possible about the place before we head in.

    We've had our dog for 5 years, and he has always been going to the top daycares where we live. The last one being Wags and Wiggles in Tustin (if you ever find yourself in Orange County, check them out--top notch). He has loved all of them, and never had an issue at any of them.

    Today, he had his meet and greet, and they called us after 15 min and told us he needed to be picked up because he didn't pass. The young man at the front desk told us he thought the other daycares must have lied to us about our dog.

    The place seems nice, and I know people like it, so I think it is worth a shot. But I get a little nervous about them when this is the only place that he has ever felt as nervous or uncomfortable as they say he was. I would recommend staying for the meet and greet to observe.
  • Allyssa K.

    Allyssa K.

    I'm really sad to be writing this review and not giving the full 5 stars. Our dog loves this place for daycare and overnight care. A little bit ago they stopped allowing pick up on Sundays which made us pay a whole extra day. Then starting in 2020, they have completely changed their pricing and have made it more expensive than we can afford. What used to be $50 is now anywhere from $65-$90 depending on the "service" you choose. For $45 they will take our dog but leave him in the kennel all day. Now we will be looking elsewhere for other daycare and boarding options.
  • Steve R.

    Steve R.

    Our dog absolutely loved going to Biscuits before they changed the pricing. What was originally $30(ish) dollars a day was raised to $47 for "elite" daycare service. There is no option to have the standard doggy daycare. This is being sold at being so much better for the pups, and I understand the need to evolve and enhance the business, but I also think that Biscuits severely underestimated who their clients were. I live in the south end because its simply more affordable than Seattle. Charging Seattle prices or more - $44.00 per day at City Dog in downtown Seattle -  is excessive. Unfortunately due to the pricing increase we have had to take our pup elsewhere. Biscuits staff earned this place an extra star because the employees were always kind and welcoming to us.
  • Michelle K.

    Michelle K.

    Our dog has been coming here for a few months now, we've never had a problem here until recently.

    Since day one we've made the staff aware our dog has certain triggers and anxiety due to past poor experiences with other daycares and groomers mishandling him. I fully expressed he's been aggressive towards me before even bringing him in but it was out of fear so just treat him gently but he loves people and other dogs. They were appreciative I was honest and assured me it was no problem "lots of dogs have different triggers" and he passed their evaluation just fine.

    The last time (maybe 2 weeks ago) he stayed there for daycare as I picked him up I was informed he had snapped and bit one of their staff members. I was extremely confused but also obviously apologetic. Staff came out and said they approached him and tried to take something straight from his mouth. (Which I feel you shouldn't do with any dog but ok) She admitted she shouldn't have done that and I told her he will drop anything if you just verbally tell him to, don't try and take stuff from him. She agreed and said "I will definitely do that next time, it's my bad." I still felt awful and apologized. I was informed he was still allowed back and it wasn't a big deal at all.

    I called today, as I was planning to take my dog there over the weekend just to make sure everything was okay from last time before I bring him by. Receptionist/Staff member on the phone informed me "Yes of course! We love him!" and was told everything was great and there were no negative notes in his file.

    10 minutes later I received a phone call from them again, a different staff member (She did not tell me her name) sternly informed me that the receptionist was "wrong" and my dog was no longer allowed back because he was aggressive... ??

    Even though she admitted it was her fault and that he's great and they all love him. I'm extremely disappointed with how this whole ordeal was handled and I feel like my poor dog who struggles with anxiety and chronic pain was left shunned. Poor communication on their part. Just overall disappointed...
  • Nancy Z.

    Nancy Z.

    I am so disappointed with their change in rates. We were not informed that it was going to cost us almost $50 to have our dog there today when I made the reservation. I thought their "elite service" was something you had to opt into. It sounded to me like a new name for the option we used to have to pay for extra entertainment for our dogs. I think not informing us when we made the reservation for the day was deceptive and a very bad business practice. It has wiped out all the goodwill we ever had for the place. Sad to cross it off our list of nice businesses in the area.
  • Kim D.

    Kim D.

    We love this place, but the change in pricing is more than we will pay for dog daycare. It now costs $47 per day for elite daycare, no other options. Elite daycare reportedly provides daily training. Our 10 year old lab doesn't need training, just a social outing. Seems like a risky change of business model. Don't wish them any ill will, just super disappointed.
  • Jill D.

    Jill D.

    Not open to pick up your dogs on Sundays anymore. Apparently trying to get an extra day out of customers. Also don't do half days anymore. No more 2 dog discount. We will find another place. Sad
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“The best boarding and daycare place ever! My dog loves Biscuits. All of the staff are just amazing. They are kind, caring, and so knowledgeable about dogs. I never worry about how he is being treated. My pup can’t wait to get there and tail wagging when he leaves. And their new facility is amazing. Clean, bright...I’d love to stay there!”

“We have been very happy with the services! Our dog loves going to daycare and always comes home worn out and happy. The staff are passionate professionals and the faculty is safe and clean. Competitive prices. The little touches (i.e. sending dog pics to parents, holiday bandannas) are thoughtful and go above and beyond. We LOVE Biscuits! Would recommend to anyone!”

“Cleanest & Friendliest day care I've used to this date! Nichole was incredibly pleasant, I recommend them for any cautious/concerned "Pup Parent". Biscuits really goes above & beyond!!”

“Hands down the best people to take care of my fur baby!”
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