New Customer Requirements

New Customer Policies

  • 1) Dogs 6 months and older need to be spayed or neutered
  • 2) Dogs must be current on the following vaccinations:
  • a. Bordetella (Canine Cough)
  • b. Rabies
  • c. Distemper/Parvo (DHHP)
  • 3) Puppies must be at least 14 weeks old to attend daycare
  • a. Puppiesshouldalsobeclearedbytheirvet
  • b. This gives time for their 12 week vaccinations to become effective
  • 4) Dogs must have proof of a negative fecal exam within the last year
  • 5) Dogs must be friendly towards all humans and other dogs
  • a. No history of aggressive behavior
  • 6) Dogs must be flea, tick, and parasite free
  • a. Regular flea treatment preferred


Your dog must have a completed application and contract on file before attending daycare or using any other services provided by Biscuits Doggie Daycare. You must fill out an application for every dog you plan on bringing to Biscuits Doggie Daycare.

Meet and Greet

To ensure the safety of everyone and to ensure compatibility with the Biscuits Doggie Daycare pack, all dogs must pass a 2-hour trial period prior to attending daycare. The trial must be prescheduled.


Dogs may attend Biscuits Doggie Daycare as soon as their veterinarian clears them for socialization. All puppies may attend unspayed/unneutered until 6 months of age.

Vaccinations / Health

Owners must verify that their dogs are clean, flea and tick free, and in good health. We recommend that all dogs be on a flea preventive. Dogs that have been ill with a communicable condition may be asked to provide a veterinarian’s certification of health to be admitted or readmitted. Dogs must have up to date vaccinations for the following: DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus ), Bordetella (Canine Cough) and Rabies. We require owners to submit written proof of their dog’s vaccination records. Keeping up to date on vaccinations can protect your pet from serious diseases, but dogs that socialize in large groups still pass around the occasional cough, sniffle, virus or parasite. Most of these communicable diseases are not serious. Healthy dogs with good diets and strong immune systems seem to be more resistant to disease.


All dogs must be non-aggressive. Owners will need to verify that their dog has not harmed or shown any aggressive behavior towards any person or other dogs. Please remember, your pet will be spending time with other pets. Our pack’s health and safety is our main concern.

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